Woman Up!

For the longest time I have heard it said that men need to “man up”, but very rarely have I heard as much emphasis placed on women needing to “woman up”. The few instances I have seen or heard it mentioned were in the context of feminism or physical fitness. Toxic femininity disguised as “women empowerment”: freedom to abort babies as we please; freedom to bash and belittle men and call it “equality”; freedom to be more obsessed with our physical fitness and appearance than our what is going on in our hearts and minds. The saddest part? Unfortunately the Church has been contaminated with this toxic thinking. We are just as lost and confused about where we fit in and do not know how to be a light for Christ in modern day culture without being consumed by it. With this movement, I believe God wants to shift and renew the minds of His daughters and bring our focus back to our First Love – Jesus Christ. The goal of this ministry is:

  • To encourage God’s daughters to take ownership of their spiritual, mental and physical health and not leave it up to someone else to “fix”;
  • To establish a platform where God’s daughters can be reminded of their priorities and purpose, which is to first and foremost love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind and soul;
  • To create a platform where God’s daughters are able to encourage one another through the written Word of God;
  • To encourage sisterhood and unity amongst God’s daughters;
  • To provide a network of biblical accountability

It is time for us to stop being quick to blame the devil and modern day culture for our lack of fear for the Lord, lack of character, mental and emotional instability and once again take up our cross and follow Christ daily. It is time for us to once again prove ourselves worthy of Christ (Matthew 10 v 38).

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